Notice 59/2013/14 : Inspection of General Valulation Roll 2014/2015 and lodging of objections
Written by Lorraine   
Monday, 03 March 2014 09:42
Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 49(1)(a)(i) of the Local Government Property Rates Act 2004, hereafter referred to as the "Act", that the general valuation roll for the financial years 2014/2015 is open for public inspection.        Read More ......
MALETSWAI Local Municipality: The jewel of the Joe Gqabi District
Written by Bishop George   
Friday, 06 September 2013 07:19

It may be small. It may be quiet. As a tourist destination, it is a jewel.

The charming, strategically positioned frontier town of Aliwal North is the urban centre of Maletswai Local Municipality, including Jamestown and surrounding farms, all of which fall under the Joe Gqabi District Municipality, previously named Ukhahlamba District Municipality, of Eastern Cape Province. 


Amongst a plethora of awards it has won in the past, Maletswai recently scooped the much coveted and prestigious Vuna Awards designed to boost the performance of municipalities in the entire country. In the 2011/2012 financial year the municipality was honoured for an overall performance in the five key performance areas in service delivery. Subsequently, in the 2012/2-13 it was crowned as one of the outstanding municipalities in the province.

Maletswai's most valuable asset is water. The great Senqu (Orange or Igqili) River forms the natural boundary between Maletswai in the south and Free State in the north. In addition to feeding the farms that flourish along its banks, it supports a rich bird life for the avid avi-tourist; and it offers opportunities for many water activities ranging from fishing under the cool willow trees and canoeing along the currents.

From earliest times, when the San forded the broad Senqu at its confluence with the Kraai River, the site where Aliwal North now stands has been famous for its two mineral hot springs, with their extremely high concentrations of mineral gases. 

The old spa of the 1960 has been revitalised. A huge financial muscle to a tune of R27 million has been injected to resuscitate the facility, resulting in a fabulous unique world class destination offering a hydro wellness centre, an indoor pool and a gym.

In the pre-1994 era, the sustenance of the spa came in the form of subsidy grants from the coffers of the national government. However, that came to a staggering halt in the advent of democracy. The hard reality is that it is not the core mandate of a municipality to own, let alone manage a resort facility.

The council, in its quest to position the Aliwal Spa a a profit making world class resort, mandated the Joe Gqabi Economic Development Agency (JoGEDA) to facilitate the commercialisation thereof, a step believed to hold potential to restore the vitality of the spa in stimulating local economic development.


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